How to identify child’s sore throat?

Even younger children also suffer with sore throat, sometime it is difficult to identify child’s sore throat because they won’t be able to tell you that their throat is sore. First sign of sore throat in kids, when they refuse to eat, take smaller amounts food than usual or they cry when feeding.

You can often treat a sore throat at home. To make your child more comfortable, give them plenty of liquid and soft foods that are easy to swallow. Children over age one can also be given pasteurized honey to soothe their throat. Older children can gargle with warm salt water. Sore throats can sometimes be caused by sleeping with an open mouth. Taking a drink will give them immediate relief. You can help prevent sore throats by using a humidifier in their room at night. Call your doctor if your child’s sore throat has lasted for more than 24 hours, especially if they have a fever. Or if they’ve had strep throat before or have been in contact with somebody with strep throat, take your child to the nearest Emergency Department. Sore throats can often be treated at home. Give younger children liquids and soft foods. Older children can gargle with salt water.

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