Good food for sore throat

Many people think what food needs to be taken when we have sore throat. First and foremost usually temperature makes a huge difference with a sore throat so most people enjoy either drinking something that is very cold or something that is very warm. And this, the warming in particular helps to relax the muscles and the cells and work on kind of healing the membranes of the throat.

We can take lime juice with a sore throat, lime juice as we know limes have vitamin C and vitamin C is very involved in immune function. But above and beyond vitamin C, I believe that limes have some special property in them that helps our bodies to heal much quicker. So if I ever have the slightest bit of a sore throat, lime juice and honey with warm water will give good relief to sore throat.

Another things like Chicken soup made with ginger, hot tea, oatmeal and hot milk with little turmeric power will give relief to sore throat.

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