Sore Throat Remedies

When your throat is sore, it can be debilitating.  That’s why we need some remedies for that sore throat!  The seemingly smallest niggle can upset your whole day, and effect your balance in your entire lifestyle.  Often we push on through our day, ignoring the sore throat, when really we need to pay attention and assist our body in healing the symptom, rather than allowing it to become something more.  Letting a sore throat progress, will likely cost you time and money.  Best to find a remedy for your throat now, and act while it’s still a relatively minor issue!

Sore Throat Remedies are varied from natural products found at home, through to over the counter medications, but rather than reach your hand into your pocket just yet, there are a range of items in your cupboard which can get you some relief instantly;

Remedy No. 1:  Salt.  Yep, simple, inexpensive, and easy to put your hand on.  Remember when you were little and had a grazed knee?  Did your Mum tell you to go for a swim in the salt water at the beach?  It certainly was the case for me, living on the coast, it was well known that salt water helps your body heal.  The same is true internally.  Rock salt when put under the tongue, kills the bad bacteria which is growing there – these are the critters causing your throat to be sore in the first place! I keep rock salt (sea salt or Himalayan pink salt) beside my bed during the cooler months, always handy for when I wake up with that niggle in the back of my throat.

Remedy No. 2:  Lemon and Honey.  That’s right, Grandmas old cough syrup.  Simply squeeze a whole juicy lemon into a mug, add a teaspoon or two of fresh honey and top it up with some boiling water out of the kettle.  Sip away while you put your feet up and chill out with a good book.  It’s a very nurturing process, and quite enjoyable.  Whenever I feel a cold coming on, you’ll see me out buying lemons (or picking them from our tree at home if it’s the right season!).  Good old fashioned home remedies comes back tried and true.

Remedy No. 3:  Eucalyptus essential oil.  Smelling like a koala is fabulous anyway, but eucalyptus oil has some seriously healing properties, especially for the respiratory tract.  These oils applied to your pillow, chest (dilute if necessary), or simply a tissue will be absorbed into your body creating a soothing effect right through your throat and lungs.  Always make sure you are buying the best quality oils you can afford.  Young Living purification blend is my personal favourite.

So there you have it, 3 simple sore throat remedies to take care of you.  Remember to go for the cause, before the symptom.  If you need any further care, have a warm bath with your essential oils steaming up around you, have a good rest… allowing your body to recover.  If symptoms to persist though, please make sure you visit your favourite health professional.

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